LIME Painting

LIME Painting

15 Revenue Streams: The services we provide are not just paint based, we are also experts in various coatings, stains, drywall repair, restoration, carpentry, and gutters. Our revenue streams include everything a high-end homeowner or business would need to maintain the perfect interior and exterior.

Strong Economics: Our concept offers unlimited potential to generate strong returns. In 2017, our average Gross Revenue was $2,168,435 with a Gross Profit of $455,897! Additionally, we have seen an average of 60% year-over-year sales increases since inception due to our turnkey business model.

Low Cost, Low Overhead, Quick Ramp-Up: Franchise Owners can start their business for $90,000 and initially do not need employees as all jobs are completed by subcontracted crews. These crews supply all inventory including paint and equipment keeping overhead to a minimum. Also, we are a home-based business, allowing for a quick ramp-up time of 30-90 days after signing an agreement!

Subcontractor Partnership Model: No need for our Owners to wrestle with the hassles of employees. We teach them how to qualify, partner, onboard, and retain subcontractors through our proven and effective subcontractor partnership training.

Niche Market: The high-end, luxury painting and the contracting market are extremely underserved. Our affluent clientele own custom, high-end homes, and businesses that are valued at $1 Million or more. Meaning, we follow strict project minimums and only use high-quality products while offering the best customer service.

10-Step Production Model: Our production model is designed to create a consistent and reliable service with an easy, enjoyable, and refreshing customer experience. Not only does this simplify the business for the Franchise Owner, but it also allows them to build loyalty with their customers and generate strong profits from their referrals and repeat business.

State-Of-The-Art Sales Software: Our technology platform, LIMEWare, creates a hub for all things related to owning and operating a LIME franchise. With LIMEWare, Franchise Owners can rely on a centralized mobile-based platform to gain insight and manage the ins and outs of their business. This encompassing CRM includes everything an Owner would need in terms of production and subcontractor management, estimating and pricing custom scopes of work, completing sales, and more!

LIME PaintingLIME Painting
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