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Two Maids and a Mop - Franchise Maven - Greg Mohr

How Does Two Maids & A Mop Support Their Franchisees?

One of the key portions of the pre-open process is the face to face training received from the home office. All franchisees will be required to attend and graduate from TWO MAIDS UNIVERSITY upon execution of a franchise agreement. Classes are presented in a formal classroom setting, with some portions of the training conducted within our local Birmingham, AL office location. Through TWO MAIDS UNIVERSITY, a franchisee will be instructed on how to utilize the following systems or solutions:

$ 10000
Average investment
$ 10000
Lower-end of the total investment
$ 10000
Upper-end of the total investment
$ 10000
Liquid cash required
$ 10000
Minimum net worth required
$ 10000
Franchise fee

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